Wondering about being pregnant may bring up a lot of emotions and stress.  It can be good to have someone older who can support you and help you think through your decisions.


Your doctor may suggest that you talk to your parents, but you do not have to if that does not feel right.  If you want to talk to your parents, but are not sure how, Kids Health has some good ideas. Your doctor cannot tell your parents about your health care unless you give them permission to do so.

Another adult?

If you decide you do not want to talk to your parents yet, it can be helpful to think about whether there is someone else you might want to talk to or bring with you to doctor appointments. Think about whether there is another adult you trust like a family member, a teacher, or a school guidance counselor.

Warning! You should know that a teacher or school guidance counselor can tell your parents or others even if you ask the teacher not to.  If you aren’t sure you want others to know yet, talking to a health care provider or a doctor may be a good choice.


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