You can make an appointment at any clinic that offers abortion, including Planned Parenthood, Womens Health Specialists, FPA Women’s Health. Check here for a clinic finder.  (When looking for a place to get an abortion, watch out for “crisis pregnancy centers.”  These are fake clinics that may pretend to offer abortion but may use scare tactics and fake information to scare you out of getting an abortion.)

Your health care provider also may do abortions for patients or send you to another provider.

If you aren’t sure where to make an appointment, call one of the following three hotlines. They are all confidential and private:

  • ACCESS RJ Health hotline helps talk through pregnancy options. If you decide you want an abortion, they can help you find a clinic. ACCESS may also help you get free childcare, transportation, or housing if you need to travel to another part of the state for the abortion. 1-800-376-4636.
  • Backline’s Talkline1-888-493-0092
  • The National Abortion Federation’s hotline also has counselors who can help you for free: 1-800-772-9100.

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