In California, you can go to a pharmacy to get birth control that you can give yourself, like the pill or the patch. You can’t get birth control that a doctor needs to insert, like an IUD.

You don’t have to be a certain age.

You should tell the pharmacist you are interested in getting birth control. The pharmacist will take your blood pressure and give you a form with questions about your health history to make sure birth control is safe for you. The pharmacist will then recommend a type of birth control, or you can ask for a specific one. After you decide on a type of birth control, the pharmacist will make sure you understand how to use it safely. It should take less than half an hour once you start speaking to the pharmacist. The conversation you have will be confidential.

As of 2016, this law is pretty new. You might want to call the pharmacy in advance to make sure they’re set up to help you.


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