Learning about parenting helps all parents. And there are resources in your community for teens who are pregnant or have a child.

Look for

  • a parenting program at your school if there is one
  • parenting information at the library or on the Internet
  • a parenting class through the California Department of Social Services (CDSS)
  • more information provided throughout this guide


  • Try to remember what you liked and disliked as a child.
  • Treat your child the way you wanted to be treated.
  • Ask for advice from relatives, childcare workers, and other parents you admire.

If you need more help…

Find a Crisis Nursery near you. A Crisis Nursery is a place where you can leave your child (under 7 years old) for up to 30 days for free.

To see whether there is a Crisis Nursery near you, visit

If you think it may be too hard to raise your child on your own, think about adoption. For more information, see Adoption.


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