Are you an Askable Parent?

To be askable parent means that young people see you as approachable and open to questions. Being askable about sexuality is something that most parents and caregivers want but that many find very difficult. To continue reading and for tips on talking to teens, click here.

Talking to teens about sex and sexuality

Talk to your teens about sex and sexuality. We know it can be difficult, and we are here to help but there is no better resource than a supportive parent. Read more on this topic by visiting Planned Parenthood or watch the video below.

When your teen is having a baby

If your daughter is pregnant and planning on having a baby, many changes await your family. And though it’s certainly not what most parents expect, it happens every day: nearly 1 million teenage girls in the United States give birth every year.

If your teen is about to become a mother (or your son has fathered a child), it can be overwhelming for all of you. You can find more information about supporting your child here.