The comments section of the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide blog has been filled with rich discussions about the experiences of teen parents, the worries of pregnant students, programs that help young families and more.


In response to Sandra’s post about watching teens share information, commenters addressed the need for teens to be aware of all the family planning and health resources available to them.  As one commenter, calsafeesco, wrote:  “There are a alot of resources, but not many teens are aware, or just don’t ask for the help…are they afraid? What do you think keeps a teen from asking for help?”


Now, readers, we’re asking you the same question.  What do you think keeps teens from asking for help – whether they have concerns about school, getting health insurance, accessing aid, or anything else that’s on their minds?


Note:  Sandra is a program development coordinator for the education and community outreach department at Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley (PPPSGV), a partner in promoting the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide.



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I think most teens that are preganant or moms are scared to ask for help. Many of us are judged just because we are teen moms or pregnant. We might feel like they might not want to help us or support us.


thats true so many young teens that are pregnant dont ask for help because they think they may be mess judge. The think there gonna tell them your not even gonna graducate from school anmd etc... Yeah alot friend s tell you am gonna be there whenever you need something but just watch when you ask them for a favor and they well tell you idk have time you cant even hangout with us no more because you have a baby thats when you realize they are not true friends and you dont need them you could succed by yourself and with thwe people that really loves you and support you.


Your statement is sad, but true. Many people say they are friends and supporters, but when the tough stuff comes, they run the other way because they are not strong enough, or committed enough to help see their friend through.


Many teens don't ask for help for being scared someone will turn there back on them or if someone in the family had a child already being young, and other teens feel scared people will see them differntly from other teens.


So help them by sharing this website and the information with them. They don't think about it because they are unaware!


That's why we have the guide!!! Spread the word, tell you friends and family so they can have the information and make good choices for themselves! Be an advocate for teens!


most teens are afraid to ask for help because they think their parents will find out that they are sexually active. some teens are to lazy or to shy to ask . there is alot of people that can help but just dont be shy to ask


Their is a lot of resources that teens can check out but they just don't think about it.


Mimi, you are very resourceful, but as you mentioned, some teens "are just lazy and some are too shy to ask people." The Youth Guide is a very good resource for students, what would be the best way to get the word out about the Guide?


There are laws that protect the confidentiality of minors so they can access resources if they are sexually active, and parents can not be notified. How do you think would be the best way to distribute the information about these laws to minors? Where would you look for information?


Most teens dont know how to get these resources, thats why they dont know that much.Also because they probably want a parents concent.


Most teens don't know how to get those resources, but what they don't know is that they just have to ask around or surf the internet. Some people are just lazy and some are too shy to ask people. Most girls don't want other people knowing that they are sexually active. And especially not their parents.


i think teens are scared or they dont know how many resource their are. also many teen dont want people finding out about some private information so they dont reach out for help.


I think most teens don't ask for help because they feel they need a parent consent and most teens that are being sexually active don't tell there parents about . To be honest is not easyy telling yur parents yur being sexually active , also most teens don't realize there are all sort of help for FREE and no Parent consent that can help Yu


i think they are afraid because maybe they do not want that their parents get to know that they are sexual relationships