Many parents will be traveling this holiday season, visiting friends and family across the country.  If you’re traveling with your child, check out the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide to be sure that you adhere to certain guidelines.


If you have a custody order:
If your order has travel rules, you must follow them. The order will say where you can travel with your child, and whether you need the other parent’s permission.


If you do not have a custody order and have not asked the court for one:
You may travel anywhere in the United States, but you should let the other parent know so he or she does not accuse you of kidnapping.


If you asked the court for a custody order but do not have it yet: You may not travel outside of California without the other parent’s written permission or a court order.


Important! If you want to travel without following these rules, you must get

  • written permission from the other parent, or
  • a court order that allows your travel plans.


You must follow the court’s travel orders. If you do not, you could be charged with kidnapping.


Check out the “Custody, Visitation, and Travel” section of the Guide for more information about traveling with your child.



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I think that it is very important to follow custody orders and if you don't have custody you shouldn't risk traveling with your child. If you get caught traveling with your child with out custody you can be accused of stealing the child even if he/she is your child which sucks because then you will probably have restricitions on seeing your on child. Even if you did nothing bad. It's best to travel with your child if your sure you have custody, just to be safe.


I think that its important to let the other parent know that your taking your baby out of the country. That way they know were you and the baby are.

Lovely DLc

i believe either way whenever you are traveling and going out of state you need to let the other parent know where you are going, unless theyre coming with you !!!! i know i wouldnt like it if he just took my daughter without letting me know !! do the right thing and dont get in trouble with a case like this !!


Its Really Important To Let The Other Parent Know If Your Leaving The State Because You Don't Wont Them To Worry About Their Child Like You Wouldn't Wont To Worry Neither If He Took Him And Didn't Tell.Even If You Don't Have A Good Relationship With Your Babys Daddy Always Have In Mind I Need To Tell Him Where Am Taking His Son Or Daughter And What Time Where Gonna Be Back And Tell Him Or Her Its Gonna Be A Safe Place For Them.




its really important to let the father or the mother that you are gong to travel with the baby, they might think that you want to take the baby away from them or that the baby is missing. the other parent has the same right as you have and you wouldnt want them to take your baby without your permission


it is very important to let the babys mom or father whether yu have custody or not .... and is always good to be safe than sorry about having a court order and make sure that yu have plans and yu say when where and when will yu come back


It's always best that you or your partner knows if you're going to be taking your child traveling for any kind of holiday if you don't want to be charged with kidnapping. Especially if you have custody of your child or have a court order.


Yes, especially if there is a court order for shared custody, the other parent needs to know if the child is leaving the area. Parents need to treat the other parent the way they want to be treated...if the other parent is leaving with the child, you would want to know; extend the same courtesy.


Sometimes when your planning to travel its best to let the father or mother of the baby your planing to go out on a holiday travling so that they don't think that their child is messing. Also having a court order for travling with the child id important because you know your safe and people know where your going to be on a holiday travel.