Take the following things to the Cal‑WORKs office to show you are eligible…

  • a document with your name and address, such as a license, bill, or ID,
  • a school ID or report card,
  • a paycheck stub, if you are working,
  • copies of your immigration papers, if you have any
  • your and your child’s birth certificates,
  • your and your child’s Social Security cards,
  • your child’s immunization record,
  • your recent bank statement, and
  • a note from a clinic or doctor about your pregnancy.

If you do not have the information they ask for, they will ask you for a note that explains why you do not have that information, and whether you will allow Cal‑WORKs to help you get it. They are required to help you get these things or accept substitutes if you do not have the specific documents.

Important! Whenever you give Cal‑WORKs a document, ask them to keep a copy and then give you a receipt and your originals. Keep the originals in a safe place—you may need them later.


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