If you get Cal-WORKs, you must participate in Welfare to Work.

If you are under 20, are pregnant in your third trimester or have a child, and have not finished high school, you can get Cal-WORKs while going to school. You may be able to stay in Cal-WORKS after you graduate while you look for work, get more job training or while you are working if you are very low income.

Cal-WORKs provides cash grants and services to very low-income families to help support them while they work or go to school. You may also get services to help you in school such as childcare, transportation to school, money for school expenses like books or school fees, and counseling or therapy if you need it.

Cal-WORKs also gives you bonuses if you do well in school!

  • If you earn at least a 2.0 GPA, you can get a $100 bonus up to four times a year. If you are on your parents’ Cal-WORKs, your parents will get the bonus.
  • You can also get a $500 bonus if you graduate or earn your GED.

Important! Save your report cards! You will have to show them to your Welfare to Work worker in order to get your bonuses.

Be careful: You can also lose your Cal-WORKs cash grant and services if you don’t go to school regularly without a good excuse or don’t make progress in your classes.


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