Rape is one kind of sexual assault. Rape means forcing someone to have sexual intercourse.

It is rape if someone has sex with you when

  • you do not want to,
  • you are asleep, drunk, drugged, or in some other way not able to agree to have sex,
  • the person threatens to hurt you, your child, or family if you do not have sex, or
  • you are tricked into having sex.

Important! It is still considered rape even if you know the person who raped you. In fact, most victims know their rapists. It may be someone you

  • had sex with in the past,
  • are married to, or
  • agreed to have sex with, but then changed your mind.

Even if you know the person, it is still a crime if someone forces you to have sex when you do not want to.

Important! You have the right to say “No” to sex of any kind. Always. No matter what.


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