Emancipation is a way for those under 18 to gain some of the rights and responsibilities of adults.

If you are emancipated, you gain many adult rights.

That means you can do some things on your own without your parent’s permission, such as

  • get health care,
  • apply for a work permit and public benefits,
  • get a driver’s license or ID showing you are emancipated,
  • sign up for school or college,
  • sign contracts (such as for renting an apartment or buying a car),
  • live where you want to, and
  • make more decisions about your life, including how to handle your own money (you do not have to give any money to your parents, if you do not want to).

It also means your parents

  • do not have custody or control over you, and
  • do not have to support you or give you a place to live anymore.

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