A presumed father has the same rights as the mother.

His baby cannot be adopted unless he agrees, or unless he has lost his parental rights.

Someone is probably a presumed father if at least one of these is true

• he signed a Declaration of Paternity (a form saying he is the father) after the baby was born
• you are married to him now, or you two were married before the baby was born
• you believed you were legally married before the baby was born
• you married or tried to marry him after the baby was born, and he is the father listed on the baby’s birth certificate and has to pay child support
• he has raised the baby for a period of time and says he is the father
• he cared for you while you were pregnant and tried hard to be in the baby’s life and to raise the baby himself
• you are still pregnant and he is supporting you

Important! Even if the father fits one or more of these descriptions, if he has not been involved in the baby’s life for a year or more, the adoption may be able to take place without his permission.


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