You may still qualify for Cal‑WORKs if

  • your parent or guardian is dead or missing,
  • your parent or guardian will not let you and your child live with them,
  • you are emancipated,
  • you are or were married,
  • Child Protective Services says living with your parent(s) would put you or your child at risk,
  • you did not live with your parent(s) for at least one year before the baby was born or before you applied for aid, or
  • your welfare worker says you do not need to live with your family or guardian.

If you are not emancipated or married and not living with a parent, guardian, or adult relative, or in a state-licensed group home, your Cal‑WORKs worker may make a report to Child Protective Services about you being on your own, and they may investigate to see if you are being neglected.


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