A Whole Family Foster Home can be a good experience.

It can

  • strengthen the bond between you and your child,
  • prevent arguments over the child’s care while you are in foster care,
  • allow you time for your own activities (homework, after-school activities), and
  • help you be ready to take full charge of your child when you leave foster care.

If you join a Whole Family Foster Home, you’l have to sign an agreement called a Shared Responsibility Plan that should say who does what for the child and when.

It should cover things like

• food
• clothing
• health care
• babysitting
• sleeping arrangements
• cleanliness
• supplies for the child
• taking the child to appointments
• discipline
• visitors

Before you sign the agreement, read it carefully and make sure you can do everything you are promising to do. You have the right to a copy of the agreement. You may want to change the agreement from time to time as your child grows.


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