You can enroll in Cal-WORKs with your family. You can also apply on your own if you don’t live with your parents, have a child or are pregnant in your third trimester.

You must apply at your local welfare office. You can find out more about applying for Cal-WORKs at your local Legal Aid office.

To find a local county welfare office, click here or call 1-916-443-1749

To find a Legal Aid office near you, click here.

In most cases, Cal‑WORKs says you must live with your parent, guardian, or other adult and have that adult apply for you. Cal‑WORKs usually pays the adult.

To qualify for Cal-WORKs, you could live

  • with a parent or legal guardian,
  • with an adult relative (sister, uncle, grandmother, half-brother, etc.), or
  • in a state-licensed group home or maternity home

You may qualify for Cal‑WORKs if each of your parents fits a different exception. For example, you can qualify if you have not lived with your dad in over a year, and your mom kicks you out. A Cal‑WORKs worker can help you figure out if you qualify for aid.

 To apply to Cal-WORKs, go to your local Cal‑WORKs office. To find it, look for the address at:


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