To apply to Medi‑Cal, go to your local Medi‑Cal office. To find the nearest office, visit

If you have them, take these items with you when you go to the office:

  • your and your children’s birth certificates,
  • paycheck stub from your job,
  • photo ID,
  • utility bills in your name,
  • your and your children’s Social Security cards, and
  • green card if you are not a citizen (and you can still get Medi-Cal just for pregnancy even if you are undocumented).

At most offices, you can sign up for cash aid and/or food stamps at the same time.

Medi-Cal is required to approve or deny an application within 45 days.

Important! If you are pregnant, you can get temporary services right away. Medi-Cal will assume you are eligible and let you get most prenatal care while they check your eligibility. This temporary coverage does not cover labor and delivery. And it only lasts until they decide if you are eligible.

Important! Apply for regular Medi‑Cal right away, so you will be covered when the temporary Medi‑Cal runs out.


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