The doctor usually cannot tell other people about your pregnancy or pregnancy-related care without getting your permission first.  But there are some exceptions…

  • Your doctor must tell child protection services if they believe you are being abused.  Some types of sexual activity can be considered child abuse.  Click here for more information on what is reportable child abuse.
  • The doctor also may tell other people limited information in order to get paid.  For example, the doctor may tell your insurance company that you came for an appointment, which they need to do to get paid.
  • The doctor also may tell other health providers in order to help get you care. For example, the doctor may tell another doctor or nurse in the same clinic that you need a blood test or a certain prescription, in order to help you get the care you need.  These people also need to keep your information protected.

If you have questions about who will find out information about your care, the best thing to do is to ask your doctor about confidentiality when you go for your appointment and before you actually get care.

If you think your doctor does not know about these rules, or your doctor wants or needs more information about the confidentiality rules that he or she must follow, you can send your doctor to Teen Health where there is a lot of information for providers of health care.


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