Even if you do not qualify for some Medi‑Cal programs, your baby may still qualify.

  • If you have full-scope Medi‑Cal when you give birth, your baby is automatically covered for a year. It does not matter if you lose coverage later. Many hospitals will help you apply for Medi‑Cal when your baby is born.
  • After the baby is born, Medi‑Cal will not count your parents’ income, even if you live with them, so long as you apply just for the baby.
  • The Child Health and Disability Prevention program (CHDP) provides free regular check-ups for children. Your child is eligible for CHDP if she is under 21 and has Medi‑Cal, or is under 19 with a family income below the limit.
  • To find a CHDP doctor or clinic, visit
  • If you or your baby’s other parent is Native American, you may be able to get other health care. For more information, visit

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