My Supportive Family

When I found out I was pregnant, I was living with my boyfriend. I hadn’t been feeling well; I was throwing up everything I ate. He called my mom and we went to the hospital to try and figure out what was wrong. The first thing she said to me when we picked her up was, “I think you’re pregnant.” In my head I thought, “Mom, you did not just say that.”

We got to the hospital at 2:00 in the afternoon and left at 2:00 in the morning, just for the doctors to tell me I was pregnant. When they told me I was going to be a mom, I couldn’t believe it. Everything inside me felt like it was on fire. I thought, “OMG, my mom is next to me. What is she thinking right now?” I thought she was going to get mad and start yelling at me but everything went differently.

She actually said, ” Now you have to think about this new baby and not only just you. Now you have to think about graduating from school and giving that baby a good future for the both of you.” I said, “I know Mom. I’m really sorry I did this to you.” And she said, “Don’t think about that anymore. Think about the baby now.” I gave her a huge hug.

When my family found out I was pregnant, I expected them to yell at me and cut me out of their life. But thank God it wasn’t like that. They were super supportive. They told me to finish high school and graduate on time. The hardest thing I had to do was tell my brother because he was locked up and I didn’t want him to learn about it away from everyone else and the family. He didn’t like my boyfriend, so he wasn’t happy about the father. When he got out of prison, I was worried about how he’d react, but he smiled at my new daughter and I was so happy. He’s really attached to her now and I’m so happy for that.

When I was only a month pregnant, my baby’s daddy went to jail and I had to move back in with my mom. I was with her for all of my pregnancy. After my baby’s daddy got out of prison, he started to say really hurtful things, like maybe the baby wasn’t his. He even told me I should have had an abortion when I decided not to abort or adopt but to keep the baby myself. That’s always been in the back of my mind; I still think about how much that hurt. But now my baby is 1 year and 17 months. He’s missed her crawling, her first birthday, and her learning to walk. But that’s on him; that’s his responsibility. He chose not to be close to her and he’s still not even though now he’s back in our lives. But he’s gotten better. He even asked me to marry him. And I’m thinking about it, not because I have a baby with him, but because I want to create a family with him.


How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

I got pregnant when I was 17. I didn’t know I was pregnant and when I found out I was almost 7 months along. Before I knew I was pregnant, I thought I had just been gaining weight really rapidly since my boyfriend was taking me out to eat a lot and I had been really lazy for the past few months; the only thing I wanted to do after I got home was go to sleep. My mom and grandma always asked me about being pregnant, but I always denied it since I was getting my period occasionally. My older brother would ask me a lot too, but I’d just get mad at him and not talk to him for a while. I could never imagine myself being pregnant.

A month after all the questioning had died down, I started to feel something moving in my stomach. I thought I had worms in my stomach or something. I told my boyfriend about it and he said that maybe I had parasites. A day later my boyfriend and I went to the clinic to check what I had. They took my urine sample and told me I was pregnant. I was speechless; I didn’t know how to react at all. All I could think about was how I was going to tell my parents.

I was really scared! I got an ultrasound and the clinic told me I was already 28 weeks along. I couldn’t believe it; I was totally shocked. At that point I was scared because I had gone to the Delmar fair a few weeks ago and got on the rides, so I was nervous about my baby.  I was praying for my baby to be okay.

A day after I told my mom I was pregnant. She was shocked, but she said she already knew since my stomach was growing. I stated crying, telling her I was sorry. She was very disappointed in me but she got over it in a week or so.

A month later, my mom told my dad I was pregnant. He started yelling at me and my boyfriend that we were responsible for our actions and he wasn’t going to be responsible for me anymore. I didn’t know what to tell him, I just stood there and cried.

When I was in labor, all I could think about was having my baby in my arms; I just couldn’t wait to have him there with me. My little Gorge was born at 3:04 am and since then, he’s been the only person I’m really in love with. I can’t imagine myself without him. I thank God for giving me a lovely healthy little boy. I’m glad to have lots of support from family and friends.