Sandra is a program development coordinator for the education and community outreach department at Planned Parenthood in Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley (PPPSGV), a partner in promoting the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide. Read more about Sandra here. She is sharing with us true stories from her experiences working with teens. For privacy purposes, the names have been changed.


Teens need accurate and unbiased information from trusted adults so that they can make good decisions.  It can be a challenge to treat minors and protect their health and confidentiality.  The California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide has developed professional guides and training sessions to help.


For the past year, Planned Parenthood of Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, Inc. (PPPSGV) has been conducting online and in-person trainings to familiarize professionals who work with pregnant and parenting students across California.  Now PPPSGV has developed a webinar, available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, to help adults better serve the pregnant and parenting youth who seek their counsel.


The hour-long webinar walks participants through an overview of the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide and website, and highlights information through case studies.   It addresses real-life issues.  Some scenarios covered in the on-demand webinar are:

  • Anna, age 14, thinks she might be pregnant and is concerned about a discharge she has. She is the main care-giver for her younger siblings after school so she wants to go to a local clinic during the school day, but is getting conflicting advice about whether she can go to the doctor during school hours.
  • Marti, age 17, has not been involved in his three-year-old son’s life at all.  Marti works part-time job at a grocery store.  His son’s mother wants Marti to pay child support, but Marti doesn’t believe he has to pay child support because he is a minor and is still in school.


If presented with Anna or Marti’s questions, could you give them the correct advice about their legal rights and responsibilities?


If you’re a health care provider, teacher, counselor, social worker, school nurse or someone else who works with pregnant or parenting youth, log in to view the on-demand webinar today!



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If Anna doesn't want her parents to know she should go during school hours. One day of being absent isn't going to makwe you fail all of them and also you can ask friends to catch you up on what you missed. For Marti he should be paying child support because he is repsonsible for his son. He is a minor who decided to have sex so it doesn't matter if he's a minor or not. Also he says he can't pay for child support because he is in school. Since he's a minor, he's not in college yet so he doesn't have to pay for his schooling. So all of these excuses are not valid ones. He is still able to pay for his son's things. Since he is not involved with his son.


It sounds like you are a very mature young lady who likes to be educated and informed. Please share this website with other teens, and perhaps do one of the online trainings yourself and become a peer advocate!


I think sandrs is a good resoucefor teen moms. This good advice for teen parents.


I could try to answer these questions myself and have some what the right information. But to just make sure I would ask a professional or someone who would know the accurate information. Like my Cal-Safe Teacher would probably know the answers so I would ask her. I think these online and in-person trainings are just perfect for pregnant and parenting teens, because by learning as much information you can makes you a better parent.


i believe sandra is a good source for teen moms and a good way for teens to get advice and express themselves.


Privacy like I said and not telling yur paret may seem bad but if Yur being responsible wit yur sexual life then that's Great and as a teen Yu need to find wen Yu can go for waterer Yu need (;;


i think SANDRA is good resource to get help and get answer about teens parent and pregnant ones


its always good to talk to teens because that way thier is confidanchially and this way teens moms will be more safety and teens will feell able to talk and exprees thier self with out beeing scarred..

Lovely DLC

i think Anna should be able to go to the clinic during school hours because sometimes their is girls thast need to go without their parents finding out so maybe thats the only time they have. and for Marti i dont believe him being a minor is a excuse for not paying child support !!! but im glad that planned parentjood is trying to work with their workers on how to be good with minors that go in :)


I think thats its good that Sandra says how working with teens can make a change, I think that the privacy they give to many teens is very helpful.