1. Make sure you are getting all the benefits you are eligible for

If you haven’t signed up already, there are programs that can provide you with food, prenatal care, and other help as you go through your pregnancy. You can find out more information about them here.

  • You can find a health clinic that provides free prenatal care here.
  • You can sign up for WIC to help get you food and nutrition supplements. WIC has local offices all over California. Call 1-888-WIC-WORKS (1-888-942-9675) or use the online search feature to find a local office.
  • You can find out about your rights to stay in school and get support to help you stay in school while pregnant here.
  • Starting in your third trimester, you may be eligible for CalWORKS. Find out more here. To enroll, use this map to find your local welfare office.

2. Start making a birthing plan and post-birth health care plan

Now is a good time to start making a birthing plan with your doctor.

  • Do you know where you will give birth? If not, talk to your doctor about your options.
  • Do you know who you want to be present at the birth? Do you know where you will stay after the baby is born? For answers to questions like this, click here
  • Is your hospital covered by your insurance? Will there be a co-pay? For more information on insurance coverage and hospital bills, click here.

Now is also a good time to start thinking about your baby’s care.

  • Do you have a doctor for your baby? You can find out which pediatricians take your insurance by calling your insurance company. For information on how to sign your baby up for health insurance, click here.
  • Do you have the basic supplies you will need to take care of your baby, like diapers, a crib, and a car-seat? For more ideas on what you may need, click here

3. Think about your plan with school and/or work for after the baby is born

Now is a good time to start thinking about and planning for school and work.

  • Will you take time off after the baby is born? What is your plan for coming back?
    • For more information about your rights as a parenting student, click here.
    • For more information about your rights as a parenting worker, click here.

For more information as you prepare for birth and start thinking about what comes next, visit our Youth Legal Guide and navigate to the “Becoming a Parent” and “Raising a Family” sections.