A new survey finds that becoming a parent is one of the top two reasons Americans drop out of high school.


The national survey of more than 500 adults, ages 19 to 35, found that nearly a quarter of them (23%) cited the absence of parental support or encouragement as a reason for not completing high school, followed by 21% who said they became a parent. Missing too many days of school ranked third at 17%, followed by failing classes (15%), uninteresting classes (15%) and suffering from a mental illness (15%), like depression.


The survey also found that women are three times more likely than men (27% versus 9%) to leave high school because they became a parent.


The “Staying in School” section of the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide explains that students have a right to stay in the same school if they are pregnant or have a child; how to choose another school, if they want; and how Cal-SAFE, a government program, helps them keep going to school.


Note:  The 2012 High School Dropouts in America survey was released on Nov. 14 by Harris/Decima on behalf of Everest College.  The survey was conducted online using the Harris Interactive online panel between Oct. 3 and Oct. 18, 2012, among 513 U.S. adults ages 19 to 35 who did not complete high school.



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Becoming a teen mom is a hard part of life & can your life forever. Just because you had your child and are afraid to go back to school because people will judge you or because you think you won't make it through high school, aren't reasons to drop out. Always think positive for yourself and especially your child! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


just because your a teen mom or have a baby doesnt mean you should give up . There is actually more of a reason to keep moving foward and fight for a better future. fighting for your childs wel being and fiances because they dont give free money . to me the way i see it is we mighrt not have made the bestest decisions for us and we choose to parents than the other options we shopuld be proud , makle your child proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely DLc

one thing i have always said is that just because you are pregnant or you now have a child that is definitly not an excuse to ddrop out of high school !! you need to keep going and making your child happy !!! and this decision will really be worth it in the end i pinky promise you ! i know its a struggle but all of us teen moms can do it !!!


No, Just Because You Get Pregnant Doesn't Mean You Have To Drop Of School It Gives You A Better Reason To Keep Going To School To Give Your Baby A Better Future And For You To Be Some One In Life And Show That Just Because You Have A Baby Or Gonna Have A Baby Your Not Gonna Drop Out Your Gonna Work Hard And Try Your Best To Rise That Baby Good And Healthy And Be Proud Of Yourself :)


i think be a parent is not reason to drop out from school bacause if you want a good future for your baby you need to keep study so you can have a good job ;-)


I felt that way in the beginning and I felt like I should get a job instead of go to school, because if I did both I would never see my son. But my boyfriend chose to leave school and work full time. Now I go to school duiring the day and the rest of the day I'm home with my baby. Sometimes I feel lonely because no one comes to visit me and my boyfriends always working. So I miss him and somedays are harder than others.


going to high school can open a lot of paths towards your future so its best if you do not drop out. your planning a better future for you and your child. i agree it is hard but not imposiable their are programs that can help and support you:)


its hard being a parent and still going to high school but i know its piossible to graduate never drop out because if you do you wont have a good future with your baby. a baby is never an obstical for you not to succed in life. me as a senior this year seems kind of hard to do all my homework while im taking care of my baby but i dont give up because i know i need to do everything as possible to graduate to have a good job and a caree in the future


Which is why you should be greatly commended; you have chosen the harder, but better path for you and your child to stay in school and earn your high school diploma. Don't give up, keep working hard.


I didn't knew the differnt percentages there was when teens drop out or how differnt percentages affect young teen parents or pregnant.