The “Health Care for Baby and You” section of the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide explains how pregnant and parenting teens can get birth control, prenatal care, and other health care without involving their parents.


Teens under 18 can access some services without a parent’s permission, including: birth control, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, labor and delivery, abortion services, and care if you have been sexually assaulted.


If you are 12 or older, you can also get:

  • STI testing and treatment;
  • HIV testing;
  • preventive care like the HPV vaccine and HIV prevention;
  • drug or alcohol treatment;
  • some mental health care, like seeing a counselor or staying in a crisis or runaway shelter; and
  • care if you have been raped.


These services are confidential and the doctor or clinic cannot tell your parents without your permission.


Doctors may suggest that teens talk to their parents, but you do not have to.  To be sure you understand what your doctor says about your health and treatment, consider taking another person with you when you see the doctor. That person can help you remember to ask questions or understand what the doctor is saying.


NOTE:  Doctors and other health care professionals must tell Child Protective Services (CPS) if they believe you are being abused.



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I think it's good that you can go the doctor confediantaly. Most parents would not want to go and take your daughter/son to go get birth control. No parent wants to know that they're child is having sex and they don't want to encourage them to go and have sex. So it's good that us teens can go and get birth control so that we don't have an unplanned pregnancy.


all of this information i havent heard of any of this and now i know . so i know i will be able to provide and inform other young students and my sibilings for them to be careful and make wise choices


I Think Its A Great Idea That Theres Clinics That Wont Tell Your Parents If You Have Any Infections Or If Your Pregnant. But Theres Some Doctors That Are Rude To Young Teens Anybody Judges A Teenager Just Because They Are Pregnant. But Am Really Glad Theres Minor Consent Law.

Lovely DLc

i didnt know this when i was before i got pregnant that i can go to a doctor an talk to them without them telling my parents. although sometimes doctors try to act rude and say they will call but you can always say, "you cant, its minor consent" :) but im glad this is available


I think it's great thing to know that there are places where you can go to get treatment for any kind of infections & drug & alcohol abuse. It is a very big help & relief for many teens out there who really need it. It is good to know that this can be kept confidential & not be told to anyone without your permission.


I thinnk that the clinics that provide all of these things is a very good help teens to not end up pregnant or with a infection that will never go away.


I think parents want their children to be safe, it's just awkward to think of your children as being sexually active.


Yes, not enough teens are aware of this confidentiality. Please spread the word!


i think its a good idea that teens can get tested and have birth control pills without their parents knowing. its very important for teens to get tested for hiv or sti. many tees dont like getting tested because they dont want their parents to think wrong about them but most teen get sti or pregnant without them wanting too.


I think that its good for some teens to think that way by using some type of birth control without their parents knowing. Its also good because most of the parents would not like accepting the fact that their children would like to protect themselves from getting a infection or getting pregnant.


i think its good that teen dont need their parents concern to get protection nor health care. this is good because many teens dont get treatment or testing because they dont want their parents to know. also its good to have somewhere to go for advice and be confident.