The California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide and website have a section dedicated to issues faced by the parents of a pregnant or parenting minor.

For parents in this situation, the “Grandparents” section covers:

  • your child’s rights and duties as a parent,
  • your duties to your child, and
  • your rights and duties to your grandchild.


This section reminds parents that they cannot make decisions regarding a child’s pregnancy. Also, parents must support children until they turn 18, get married, or become emancipated.


The section also includes information on custody, visitation, guardianship and government aid for grandparents.



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It is good to be thankful. Make sure you let them know. :-)


thank god i have wonderful parents that really support me in my decisions they are some that do not do not care about the future of their childs and neither about their grandchilds


This is very helpful to have all this information for them , as well as to the grandparents to know their own rights regarding their Grandchildren .. But also let's the actual expecting parents a big help specially wen they felt under pressure to give up your baby , I know how that feels and gladly I knew that I couldn't be forced to do something I'm not okay wit .... And well asweel as letting my mom decide everythin for me and aaron I know that at some point it may stop , but I love the advice she gives me just not when she wants to make me do it


Parents have a legal responsibility to provide care for their minor children until they are 18. There can be legal consequences if they choose not to.


That is a tough one...some teens are not appreciative during the trial, but as time goes by and they mature, they begin to look back and are able to view from a different perspective and begin being thankful for the support they received from their parents. As parents, we can't help but support our children because they love them.


A parent holds educational and medical rights to their child until 18, however, once a student has a minor consent medical condition (i.e. - pregnancy, drug counseling, etc.) then only the minor can consent to having the information released to their parents, and can make decisions on their own, unless the situtaion becomes life threatening.


It is very important that young women, and women in general, are aware of their rights. I have known some students whose parents were going to force them to have an abortion until the teen was educated on their rights and able to get help enforcing their choice.


Grandparents sometimes need to step in because the teen is not able/willing to take responsibility, and the grandparents do not want to see the child suffer. But yes, they should only be involved, but not the primary caregiver...the teen parent is the one that made the choice that led to the unplanned pregnancy, therefore, they need to take responsibility for that choice and the consequences.


this is good informations cause alot of parents try to force their kids give up their baby or even get an abortion. or they try to make desicions like if their the parents. some parents think when their kid gets pregnant they can just kick them out and their responsible for them. well is thet true? cause my mom always tells me that but then if its true wouldnt it go both ways ? parents should make decicions for someone elses baby


Many parents, not just teen parents, make bad decisions around their children. It is sad, but that is the reality, which is why there are so many programs to help at-risk youth these days. I, too, wish more parents would make better decisions because they may not realize the impact they are having on their child not just now, but their future, as well.


Many parents of teen parents actually do support their children. Unfortunately, there are those who do not, and it makes things very difficult for the teen parent who has chosen the difficult task of taking responsibility for their actions, and makes a hard situation even harder.


i think some teenparents do not deserve the help of their parents because they do not appreciate the help


i think this is good information because earlier in my pregnancy my mom would want to make dessions for me regarding my pregnancy because she was my guardian and it is also good becuase parents should suport thier child untill 18.

Lovely DLC

this is a good section to read about because some minors are scared when they find out their pregnant that their parents are going to force them to go get an abortion or that they can kick them out or so and so but we all need to know our rights and what we can do !!


It's a good thing for grandparents to help out but it shouldn't be their responsibilty to take care of the child because they didn't decide to have that child. Teen parents need to step up and take care of their children because some are lazy, not all, but some out there are. So the grandparents feel the need to take over and take care of that child the right way.


Well all the information is well written but also grandparents should have a good eye on there teen who has a child because some teens have a kid and still do drugs or try to do things that are wrong while they have their kid in their arms, thoses teens don't disever to have kids or have their kid with then..


I think this is good information, because your parents should support you and your decisions. And as a teen parent most parents dont support their children.