When I found out I was pregnant, I was living with my boyfriend. I hadn’t been feeling well; I was throwing up everything I ate. He called my mom and we went to the hospital to try and figure out what was wrong. The first thing she said to me when we picked her up was, “I think you’re pregnant.” In my head I thought, “Mom, you did not just say that.”

We got to the hospital at 2:00 in the afternoon and left at 2:00 in the morning, just for the doctors to tell me I was pregnant. When they told me I was going to be a mom, I couldn’t believe it. Everything inside me felt like it was on fire. I thought, “OMG, my mom is next to me. What is she thinking right now?” I thought she was going to get mad and start yelling at me but everything went differently.

She actually said, ” Now you have to think about this new baby and not only just you. Now you have to think about graduating from school and giving that baby a good future for the both of you.” I said, “I know Mom. I’m really sorry I did this to you.” And she said, “Don’t think about that anymore. Think about the baby now.” I gave her a huge hug.

When my family found out I was pregnant, I expected them to yell at me and cut me out of their life. But thank God it wasn’t like that. They were super supportive. They told me to finish high school and graduate on time. The hardest thing I had to do was tell my brother because he was locked up and I didn’t want him to learn about it away from everyone else and the family. He didn’t like my boyfriend, so he wasn’t happy about the father. When he got out of prison, I was worried about how he’d react, but he smiled at my new daughter and I was so happy. He’s really attached to her now and I’m so happy for that.

When I was only a month pregnant, my baby’s daddy went to jail and I had to move back in with my mom. I was with her for all of my pregnancy. After my baby’s daddy got out of prison, he started to say really hurtful things, like maybe the baby wasn’t his. He even told me I should have had an abortion when I decided not to abort or adopt but to keep the baby myself. That’s always been in the back of my mind; I still think about how much that hurt. But now my baby is 1 year and 17 months. He’s missed her crawling, her first birthday, and her learning to walk. But that’s on him; that’s his responsibility. He chose not to be close to her and he’s still not even though now he’s back in our lives. But he’s gotten better. He even asked me to marry him. And I’m thinking about it, not because I have a baby with him, but because I want to create a family with him.



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that is great that your family was there for you becasuse some people dont have that. some peoples family can barley look at them , but this story mad me very happy knowing the fact that they didnt look at you bad. that just helps you in many ways and you should thank god everyday for that family loves you lots.


i think this is a family who is supportive and it shows that they have a great relationship with each other. The baby's dad shouldnt have acted that way when he found out she was keeping the baby but, thankfully he is back and cherishing the moments now and hopefully he is taking advantage of all the opportunities he has in his path to becoming a great dad.


thank god we have family that supports us... and its really mean what they father wanted her to do to abort that not a father he decided to have sex so he has to sufer the consequences becasue he decided to have sex and if he didnt want this to be they result he should of used a condom but know he has to stand up for his consequences nd she should be very thankful that her family was there to support her because sometimes most of us are not lucky to have our family to support us .........<3


I think it was very nice of your family to be very supportive. Family won't always be supportive but it does feel nice when they are. Your brother was very supportive too. Having people that support you, as a teen mom, makes you think and determine yourself to many goals that will help you and your little one in the future.


thats good that ur family helped you nd supported you thats why families are for to be there for eachother


i think that was kind of mean for the guy to say that to her. "you should of told them you wanted to abort it" what kind of father is that. That her doesnt want to keep his baby. I mean you were the one that decided to havae sex.


I am also thankful as much as her for having the parents who are always their for you & supporting you on everything. Even though I am not w/ my daughter's dad I am thankful to have an awsome boyfriend who has always be their with me & my daughter ever since she was 3 months old & know is going to be 2 yrs. old on Jun 11. I am happy to be surrounded w/ people who are very caring & supportive like my parents, my boyfriend, & with my calsafe teacher Rachel b/c even though Rachel isn't part of my family she has always helped me w/ everything & I am very thankful for that. Not everyone has the support that they need. So i am very thankful for everything.


That is good to hear. It sounds like your family has good communication and are able to express themselves. It's very difficult to not agree with a child's decision/life, and another to still be able to love and support them. I'm glad to hear you recognize that and are thankful...have you told them?


It does not appear that the father of the child has been supportive in the past.


My family was very supportive since the day they knew I was pregnant. Even though they weren't to happy about the news they were there for me through out everything. I am very thankful to have a supportive family that always helps me when I need their help.


I am so glad to hear you are heading for a bright future for you and your family. Your son is very blessed to have you so dedicated.


I'm glade for her that her family supported her while she was pregnant, because lots of parent's don't support their children. I don't think that Elvia should go back with her babies dad because he told her it probably wasn't even his child. It's also messed up because he told her that she should've aborted. I don't think it's a good idea to get married with a person lilke that.


My sons father is really supportive he wants me to finish highschool and then go to college while he works all the time for us. I'm glad he is a hardworker, I hope it really pays off when I finish school so I can give him and my son a good life. Then he can focus on his career. Once I have a home for my son it will be different I never had a steady place to live we always moved alot and I know that if I give my son a good environment to live he will do good in life.


This story is very touching.... i mean at least this girl had the family support and loved how huge life turned out ... and i wish her the best in her life and that everything works out for her