I got pregnant when I was 17. I didn’t know I was pregnant and when I found out I was almost 7 months along. Before I knew I was pregnant, I thought I had just been gaining weight really rapidly since my boyfriend was taking me out to eat a lot and I had been really lazy for the past few months; the only thing I wanted to do after I got home was go to sleep. My mom and grandma always asked me about being pregnant, but I always denied it since I was getting my period occasionally. My older brother would ask me a lot too, but I’d just get mad at him and not talk to him for a while. I could never imagine myself being pregnant.

A month after all the questioning had died down, I started to feel something moving in my stomach. I thought I had worms in my stomach or something. I told my boyfriend about it and he said that maybe I had parasites. A day later my boyfriend and I went to the clinic to check what I had. They took my urine sample and told me I was pregnant. I was speechless; I didn’t know how to react at all. All I could think about was how I was going to tell my parents.

I was really scared! I got an ultrasound and the clinic told me I was already 28 weeks along. I couldn’t believe it; I was totally shocked. At that point I was scared because I had gone to the Delmar fair a few weeks ago and got on the rides, so I was nervous about my baby.  I was praying for my baby to be okay.

A day after I told my mom I was pregnant. She was shocked, but she said she already knew since my stomach was growing. I stated crying, telling her I was sorry. She was very disappointed in me but she got over it in a week or so.

A month later, my mom told my dad I was pregnant. He started yelling at me and my boyfriend that we were responsible for our actions and he wasn’t going to be responsible for me anymore. I didn’t know what to tell him, I just stood there and cried.

When I was in labor, all I could think about was having my baby in my arms; I just couldn’t wait to have him there with me. My little Gorge was born at 3:04 am and since then, he’s been the only person I’m really in love with. I can’t imagine myself without him. I thank God for giving me a lovely healthy little boy. I’m glad to have lots of support from family and friends.



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yeah its hard to tell your parents that you are pregnant well my parents didnt say anything or get mad because i was living with my boyfriend and he was working and he was able to support us both..i found out i was pregnant when i was two weeks already ..i was really scarerd nothing was going to be the same but now my lil one is my blessing and my strenght and i love her..


aww , i know its hard to tell when your pregnant because i was 3 months along when i found out i was pregnant i still had my period, but everyone goes through the stage of your parents telling you things , but they eventually take it back but for some people that doesnt happen.


This is something realyy hard and scary to go through on your own. It's nice to have someone around supporting you and trust worthy especially when you have to give the news to your parents. It is good that God gave us a little one so he/she can be someone special in our lives and change our ways of thinking and reacting towards people or things.


I found out i was pregnant when i was 3 months along. It never passed trough my mind that i would end up pregnant. My first month was horrible because we were in summer time. In the morning I would wake up with nausea and I thought that it was because oft the heat and because i would never eat well. I weighed 120 and my goal was to reach at least 116. So I would just eat very small meals and i would go to the gym and worked my butt off. I did mostly crunches, not knowing i was pregnant! Once i found out, I felt happy but horrible because i thought I had harmed my baby. But thank God everything came out well. Now my baby is one healthy little girl.


this story is touching i bet it was scare telling your father because i thought that to . ithought he was gonna get mad at me or even hit me but he didnt. but hopefully everthing came out good at least you have a beautiful son know and have something to live for.


i found out when i was pregnant when i was 3 months because i havnt gotten my period and i everything i ate it was disgusting. untill one day i started throwing up alot and it was just in one day so me and my boyfriend just looked at eachother and were like lets go check this out we went to get a pregnacy test well we actullay got 4 n once i took one it came out positve then i took all of them and they all came out. everybody was supportive and happy except my dad. but i mean every dad abosly is going to get mad. he deosnt want his lil girl to have another lil girl.the day of my babyshower me n my dad made up and now we are all happy


i know i was pregnant since i was barely a month and i understand how scared it is to tell your parents you are pregnant. however everything gets better and it is good to have support. just keep your goals and keep moving forward.


You are a talented young lady. Keep your eyes on your goal, work hard, and you will succeed. Don't make excuses or get lazy about your future...your son is depending on you. As moms we have to go above and beyond for the sake of our children.


It is difficult to have to tell parents. I'm glad you were able to get prenatal care and your baby is healthy.


You the same thing happened to mine i didn't know i was pregnant till i was 5 months i denied it all just because excatly like "sofia" i never Thought i was pregnant ... keep it upp great story


I found out I was pregnant because my period was late and I always got my period every month. So I knew something was wrong, but I also had stopped taking my pill because I got to lazy or made excuses to go to the pharmacy and refill. So it was my fault but I'm really happy that I have a child. I wouldn't know where I would be right now.


I knew I was pregnant because I missed my period but I kept telling my self that is going to come late. Or maybe I wasn't going to get my period at all this month. I didn't want to believe that I was pregnant but I had to because I would need to inform my parents. I told my mom I was pregnant when I was 5 months and that is also when iI started getting my prenatal care. I wish I could've had the guts to tell my mom earlier so I could've gotten prenatal care earlier but thank God everything is fine with my baby.


i kinda kneew i wass pregnant becasue my menstral period hadnt come i kinda had my douts but i waas positive because i never missed a period but when i went to they clinic they told me i was 3 months pregnant i kinda noticing i was gaing weight.