Making the Extra Effort To Take Care Of Your Baby

It may be difficult for parents to remain involved in their child’s life, but putting in the extra effort to do so will make a huge difference. One young person recently told us their feelings on the importance of parents working together to to raise their child:

“In my opinion I think that all parents have to care about their child physically and financially. Even if some parents are not together, their child still needs to feel loved by both of them. And yes, they both have to help financially, even if one of them doesn’t want to be involved. And it’s very important that the parent who’s not living with their child should have times to see their child.”

Finding Helping Hands

In some cases, new parents can also turn to other people in their lives to help with caring for a baby. If you are under 18 and have a child of your own, you are still technically your parents’ responsibility. That means they have to support you, even if doing so is helping you find housing because they don’t want you to live at home anymore. If you are in foster care, refer to our Teen Parent in Foster Care and Baby in Foster Care resource pages.

One teen recently told us that Family won’t always be supportive, but it does feel nice when they are.” Another told us “my family was supportive since they day they knew I was pregnant. Even though they weren’t too happy about the news they were there for me throughout everything. I am very thankful to have a supportive family that always helps me.”

Support can come from many places. There are a ton of resources out there for new parents who need help.

If both parents aren’t together and the family isn’t being supportive, there are still programs that can help you raise your child. And if you’re dating someone new, your significant other could be a huge help in raising your child. Teachers, mentors, and other adults from community centers or programs you may be involved in can also help, even if it’s just to offer you advice.

Here are some resources to help you get more information about raising your child, how you can get help, and what rights and responsibilities you and your partner have as teen parents.

Free Programs that Give You Help

Teen Parent Rights and Responsibilities

Getting Health Care for your Baby

Finding Childcare

What are some things you’ve found helpful when raising your child? Where did you find support? Tell us in the comments below!


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