The following is a journal entry from my student “Alex” in Escondido.


When I first realized I was pregnant, I was scared. I cried for days. I was always told I would end up pregnant at 15 because that’s what had happened to the rest of my sisters. I did not know how to let my parents know…I knew they would be disappointed so we started by telling my baby’s dad’s mom. She was not happy. Her response was for me to get rid of it…that was the most hurtful thing I was ever told. I knew then and there I needed to let my parents know, so I did. Although they were very disappointed, they agreed to help me until I finished school.


The moment the father of my son moved in was the day my life made a complete change. I went from being madly in love with him to being completely terrified of him. I was being hit and cheated on throughout my pregnancy. I did not want to leave him because I thought I would not be capable of raising my son on my own.


The day my son was born was when I knew I did not need his father around. When Andy was two months old I kicked his dad out and I knew it was what was best for both Andy and myself. Throughout the rest of the time, I received text and messages which said I would never get anywhere in life without him, that I would never find someone who loved me. Guess what, ten months into my son’s life and I have gotten to my junior year, and I now have a boyfriend who not only loves me by loves Andy as much as I do. I have proved to everyone that teen moms can make it in life. Of course, this achievement has been because I got my brothers and sisters who are always there for me. My parents who are also my biggest supporters, my boyfriend who loves me and helps me out with my son and of course my little Andy who till this day has brightened up every second of my day. I am now looking into becoming a military nurse and I can not wait for the day when everyone looks at me and sees that I have given my son everything he can possibly have. My family and of course God have played the biggest role in all this and I am very thankful.


A quote that keeps me going in life is “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers”. I really hope all girls realize we are the strongest soldiers.


NOTE: Rachel Asman is the Cal-SAFE coordinator at San Pasqual High School in Escondido.



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I think it was a very good idea that she kicked her baby's dad out. It's better to be alone then to be bad accompinied. There are a lot of strong single moms and everyone can do it. Also it's good that her parents were supportive.


this story just gave me the chills, just because i almost went through a similar situation but a little different .. bbut you know you shuld feel proud girl , you can do better and find someone who respects you , and i hope you achive all your goals and make things happen

Lovely DLc

this made me a lil teary but i loved it. im proud of her she made a great dicision and i hope she does get to be a military nurse one day !!! her son will be very proud of her !!!


That Was A Good Idea For Her To Kick Out Her Baby's Daddy .Thats True No Women Needs A Man To Support Them We Are Strong Teens Mommys And If You Have A Good Relationship With Your Family Members That Really Nice Because They Suppport You. I Am Really Proud Of You Because Not So Many Teens Are Brave To Do That.


Yes, she was very brave. It is difficult for those in domestic violence relationships to leave. It can be scary and unsure.


Having to see that Alex actually made the decision to kick out her baby's daddy because of everything she was going through, is a big success in life. It is not a very easy thing to go through, many women & teen girls experience this everyday. Every teen mom should realize that you can make it in life with your child & not be having to depend on your child's father.


That is nice for you to validate and encourage her. More women need to be encouraged to stand up for themselves and get the help they need to be strong enough to leave an abusive relationshipo.


Good thing you kicked your ex boyfriend out of your house. No women deserves to live with an abuser. People think just because you're a single parent you can't succeed in life. Yes, we are all strong soldiers. :)


Well when I was pregnant I wasn't scared because I knew what was I doing I was nevous on telling my older brother I was pregnant then to my mother, as things went on my biggest support when I was pregnant was my mom, and brother and still are.


Yes, you are a very strong soldier and will achieve your dreams as long as you keep moving forward!


when i got pregnant i was so scared too i didn't know how to tell my parents. i was mostly scared of my dad since i have always been his lil girl. i know i should of waited to have a child but my baby is a wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life i don't regret . i love my baby. my parents have been supporting since the day i told them i was pregnant. i'm happy to know that my babies daddy is still with me and actually helps me alot with baby. either way if you are not with your babies daddy you can always raise your child on your own its never impossible.